Stakeholder Engagement

In adherence with good practice, conceptual closure plans are updated at least every five years, depending on the project’s stage in the mining lifecycle. Closure plan reviews and updates not only involve technical experts but also consider the needs of local communities, Indigenous groups, government, and employees.

Through active engagement, we strive to identify and understand the concerns, aspirations, values and expectations of local communities and Indigenous groups regarding mine closure and social transition.

Community engagement provides the framework for developing a reclamation program that not only meets the approved end land use objectives, but also creates education, training, and business opportunities throughout the process. At Mount Milligan, the collaborative effort between local nurseries, plant ecologists, Mount Milligan environmental staff and local First Nations is the foundation for returning the mine to a state capable of supporting wildlife and traditional First Nations activities.


At Mount Milligan, to re-establish pre-mining capability and productivity conditions to the following end land use objectives: wildlife and recreation and re-establishment of opportunities for traditional use of the land by First Nations.