Stakeholder Engagement

Water stewardship is a key engagement topic with local and Indigenous communities and with regulators during project permitting, throughout operations and during mine closure and reclamation. More information on our approach to stakeholder engagement can be found here.

We are committed to collaborating with all relevant stakeholders and Indigenous groups in our operational areas of influence. We seek to ensure these groups have the opportunity for meaningful input and participation in our decision-making process so that together we can identify potential opportunities to improve access and maintain water quality.

At a community level, and as part of our Livelihood Restoration Plan at Öksüt, throughout 2019 we continued work to improve water resources and identify new water resources on the pastureland that was allocated to the livestock farmers who were economically displaced by the mine. The pastureland is of higher quality than the mine area, and through this work the livestock farmers are expected to have improved yields and livelihoods. Our environmental team at Öksüt will continue to monitor water supply and availability through regular visits, logs and surveys to ensure livestock water demand is met.

At Endako, a multi-stakeholder group (the Endako Water Quality Working Group) composed of members from the Ministry of the Environment, Indigenous groups and Centerra works collaboratively to determine science-based environmental benchmarks and to develop and design monitoring programs.

Regional Water Benefits

We endeavour, where possible, to provide water benefits in the areas where we operate.

Through 2019, we completed several potable water projects in the Issyk-Kul region in the Kyrgyz Republic. In the Konkino village in the Djety-Ögüz District, our project brought potable water to 700 community members, and in the Kok-Moinok village of the Ton District the project brought safe drinking water to 611 community members. Since 2018, our financial contribution to safe drinking water projects for communities in the regions where we operate amounts to US$270,000.

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