Cyanide Management

Centerra is a signatory of the International Cyanide Management Code (the Cyanide Code or ICMI). The Cyanide Code focuses exclusively on the safe management of cyanide that is produced, transported, and used for the recovery of gold and silver. Certification under the Cyanide Code includes requirements related to financial assurance, accident prevention, emergency response, training, public reporting, stakeholder involvement and verification procedures.

In 2020, Öksüt completed a Cyanide Code gap assessment that included a review of activities and practices concerning the acquisition of cyanide; responsible transportation; handling and storage; usage; decommissioning planning; workers’ safety; emergency planning; and community engagement. An action plan has been developed to become fully compliant with the Cyanide Code.

In June 2020, Öksüt became a signatory to the Cyanide Code, beginning the certification process. As prescribed within the Cyanide Code, Öksüt will complete the verification and audit process within three years of the certification date.


To protect water quality, all operating sites strive toward compliance with national regulations and permits. We design our sites to manage and minimize the impact of mine-influenced water on the environment. Our operating sites have integrated water management plans in place to reduce impact to the environment.

Air Quality

Our teams continuously monitor for the potential impacts of our operations and activities on air quality. We understand the detrimental impacts that air pollution can have on human health and ecosystems, and work to actively mitigate these risks.

Fugitive dust control and mitigation measures may include road and stockpile watering; ambient air monitoring such as meteorological monitoring, dust fall monitoring and fine particulate monitoring; use of dust control agents; and revegetation of disturbed or exposed areas.

Dust suppression watering is the primary control and mitigation of fugitive dust for on-site roadways. In 2020, water at Mount Milligan Mine was regularly drawn from the tailing storage facility (TSF) and applied to haul roads within the TSF footprint on an as needed basis. At our Öksüt Mine, specific controls to manage dust were implemented such as wetting and covering “powdery” materials transported on trucks; enforcing speed limits; vehicle washing facilities at site exits; periodic wetting of the stockpiled material; and restricting vehicle usage in off-road areas and on informal tracks.